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Character Design - School News

The following designs and character pack are from "School News," a show concept that I created for my second year character design class at Seneca College. The show follows the Journalism Club at Hayes High, led by the passionate activist Tonia. Less passionately invested are Isabella the preppy socialite, Caleb the easygoing skater, Lindsay the star athlete, and the club's supervisor Mr. Burnwood.

Rough Lineup Revisions Added 2.png

This was the first line up I created for each character. From left to right we have Tonia, Caleb, Isabella, Lindsay, and Mr. Burnwood

Some story moments that were designed to give an idea of what the show would look like and explore the personalities of the characters.

line up w BG.png

This was the final line up. It was a great chance to show their personalities

Character Pack - Tonia

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